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The Beat Box System of Policing introduced to Edinburgh City Police in 1933

Box 1 A The Lawnmarket in 2009
Box 3 A Cranston Street at the Canongate in 2012

The Police Box System of Edinburgh City Police introduced in 1933:

The three sheets below show the original positions of the Police Boxes and Pillars introduced in 1933.

The lists also show the Fixed Traffic Duty Points introduced at the same time. I remember there were still Fixed Points Teams in Princes Street in the early 1970s.

Over the years the numbers of the boxes changed and what I remember from the early 1970s of A Division bears no resemblance to the numbers on these lists.

I think the list below is correct for the 1st and 2nd Sections of ‘A’ Division in 1974 but I am happy to be corrected.

Box Number


1 A

The Lawnmarket 

2 A

Tron Square (above the Public Toilets on South Bridge)

3 A

Cranston Street (at the junction with Canongate)

4 A

Milton House Primary School (at the bottom of the Canongate)

5 A

High School Yards (just off the Cowgate)

6 A

The Grassmarket (above the Public Toilets and facing the Cowgate)

7 A

Laurieston Place (at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary)

8 A

Marshall Street

9 A

Richmond Lane (just of St Leonard's Street)

10 A

St Patrick Square

11 A

Parkside Street (at St Leonard’s Coal Depot)

12 A

Hope Park Crescent


Please feel free to contact me with additions or corrections to any of  the information on Police Boxes.

A Division Police Boxes in 1933

List of A Division Edinburgh City Police Boxes in 1933

B & C Division Police Boxes in 1933

List of B and C Division Police Boxes in 1933

D Division Police Boxes and Traffic Duty Points in 1933

List of D Division Police Boxes and Traffic Duty Points in 1933

Box 6 A The Grassmarket East End in 2009

Box 6 A The Grassmarket in 2009

Box 7 A Lauriston Place in 2009

'Re-cycled' Box 7 A Lauriston Place in 2009

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