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Edinburgh City Police, 'A' Division, PS P.Cameron, PS J. Anderson, PS Mundell, PS Fraser, Inspector D. Cunningham in 1929



The site mainly features Scottish Police medals from Edinburgh City Police, Leith Burgh Police and the former forces of the Burghs of Hawick and Galashiels, the County forces of Berwick, Roxburgh, Selkirk, Midlothian, West Lothian, East Lothian and Peebles.


There are, however,medals from many other Scottish Police Forces listed under 'Scottish County Police Force Medals' and 'Scottish City & Burgh Police Force Medals'.


In 1975, Edinburgh City Police, Berwick Roxburgh & Selkirk Constabulary (BRS) and Lothians & Peebles Constabulary (LPC) amalgamated to form Lothian & Borders Police. On 1 April, 2013, Lothian & Borders Police became part of Police Scotland, the single police force for the whole of Scotland.


The 'Galleries' feature pictures of the men, medals, insignia and equipment from all of the above forces but also from many other Scottish forces, in particular, the City of Glasgow Police.


There are also sections covering the Special Constabulary in Scotland and the King Edward VII Police (Scotland) Medal, 1903 (Visit to Scotland medal) and the King George V Coronation (Scottish Police) Medal, 1911.


The site is regularly updated with new items and photographs in the Galleries, so please come back to see the new content.


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PC George Nelson - Edinburgh City Police

King Edward VII Police (Scotland) Medal 1903


To see 1903 medals from Scottish County Police Forces, click here.


To see 1903 medals from Scottish City and Burgh Police Forces, click here.

PC Peter Stewart - Perth City Police

King George V Coronation (Scottish Police) Medal 1911 



To see 1911 medals from Scottish County Police Forces, click here.


To see 1911 medals from Scottish City and Burgh Police Forces, click here.

Fireman William Campbell - Glasgow Fire Brigade

The Fire Brigade, Army and St Andrew’s Ambulance Medals in 1903:



To see 1903 medals from the Fire Brigade, Army and St Andrew’s Ambulance Association in 1903, please click here.

The Special Constabulary Long Service Medal



To see medals from the Special Constabulary in Scotland, click here.

Edinburgh City Police - PC & PS Ceremonial Helmet Plate

Edinburgh City Police 1805 – 1975



To see badges, helmet plates, belt clasps, lamps, photographs and more from Edinburgh City Police, click here.

The Forces that became Lothian and Borders Police

1975 – 2013



To see badges, helmet plates, belt clasps, photographs and more from most of the other forces that became Lothian and Borders Police, please click



Berwickshire Constabulary

East Lothian Constabulary

Galashiels Burgh Police

Hawick Burgh Police

Leith Burgh Police

Mid Lothian Constabulary

Peebles County Constabulary

Roxburgh Constabulary

Selkirkshire constabulary

West Lothian Constabulary 

King George V Coronation (Scottish Police) Medal 1911

Medal Roll


To see the King George V Coronation (Scottish Police) Medal 1911 Medal Roll, please click here.

The Metropolitan Police

Founded in1829


Images of medals and photographs of a few its former members



To see medals and photographs of former Metropolitan Police Officers, click here.

Aims of the website

The first aim of the site is to record the life story of recipients of the medals so that researchers of the future might have an archive to consult.


The website also features information on how the medals were instituted and details concerning their commissioning and manufacture by The Royal Mint.  


Details regarding the costs, the manufacturing process and how and to whom the medals were awarded are also recorded here.


Click here for information on the 1903 medal.


Click here for information on the 1911 medal. 


Click here to see the 1911 Medal Roll for the Scottish Police.


Edinburgh City Police and City of Glasgow Police have separate pages due to the numbers of medals to those forces.


The site also features the most up-to-date Medal Roll for the King George V Coronation (Scottish Police) Medal 1911 which includes some of those for Edinburgh City Police.


To see the Medal Roll, click here.


If you are unable to identify your medals from the Roll, please get in touch as I may be able to help. Please acknowledge the copyright of www.scottishpolicemedals.co.uk when using material from the site.


I also provide a comprehensive Medal Research Service for people not residing in Scotland or, who do not have the time to carry out the work themselves. 

Do you have Scottish Police medals to sell?

This website recognises those Scottish Police officers who served their communities in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


It is also a memorial to those forces, especially Edinburgh City Police, that eventually became Lothian & Borders Police in 1975. There are gallery pictures relating to most of those forces. Click here to see the Force Galleries.


The medals for sale on the site  are clearly marked. The price includes the cost of Special Delivery Postage in the United Kingdom. Please also look at the Terms and Conditions for purchase.


Please contact me on enquiries@scottishpolicemedals.co.uk  if you live outside the United Kingdom and you wish to buy a medal. 


In particular, please contact me if you have medals to sell from any of the Edinburgh, Leith, East, West and Mid Lothian, Peebles and the Borders forces.

City of Glasgow Police Museum

I would like to gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Alastair Dinsmor, the Curator of the City of Glasgow Police Museum for his knowledgeable assistance in researching the medals from that force.


The City of Glasgow Police Museum is at:


First Floor

30 Bell Street

Merchant City


G1 1LG


Telephone: 0141 552 1818

The Museum Website can be accessed by clicking here


The museum operates on summer and winter hours. Winter opening is restricted so please telephone or check the website in advance to confirm the times.

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