Awards of the Volunteer Long Service Medal in Scotland, October, 1900

The list of 134 names of soldiers awarded the Volunteer Long Service Medal was published by The Scotsman newspaper on Page 7 on Tuesday 16 October, 1900.


The medal of one of those listed, 4054 Serjeant George Curdie of the 5th Volunteer Battalion the Highland Light Infantry can be seen below.


The Volunteer Long Service Medal was instituted in 1894.


According to the Medal Yearbook, 2016: -


“This medal was awarded for 20 years’ service in the ranks.


Officers could also receive the medal, being eligible on account of their non-commissioned service. Many officers then gained sufficient commissioned service to be awarded either the Volunteer Decoration or (from 1908), the Territorial Decoration.


The medal was extended to Colonial Forces in June, 1898, the titles of the monarch being appropriately extended for this version.


This medal was superseded by the Territorial Force Efficiency Medal in 1908 although it continued to be awarded until 1030 in Bermuda, India, Isle of Man (Isle of Man Vols.) and the 7th Volunteer Battalion of the Kings (Liverpool) Regiment.”



VLSM Awarded to Sergeant George Curdie, 5th V. B. Highland Light Infantry in October, 1900 (Obverse view)
VLSM awarded to Sergeant George Curdie, 5th V. B. Highland Light Infantry (Reverse view)
Naming on Sergeant George Curdie's VLSM
Naming on Sergeant George Curdie's VLSM


Rank & Name

1st Aberdeenshire Volunteer Artillery

1105 Bombardier J. McIntosh


1131 Corporal D. Wheatley

1st Fifeshire Volunteer Artillery

2010 Bombardier J. Carnie


725 Corporal A. Duncan


3220 Gunner J. Newton


475 Gunner J. Powrie


1400 Gunner A. Smith


3052 Sergeant J. Wallace


440 Sergeant A. Weir

1st Forfarshire Volunteer Artillery

2012 Gunner J. Ramsay


1327 Colour-Sergeant–Major R. Swan

The Highland Volunteer Artillery

Lieutenant A. Bain


Lieutenant A. Mackenzie


221 Corporal A. Macrae

1st Lanarkshire Volunteer Artillery

Captain W. Lamont


6251 Sergeant H. Jabel


3767 Corporal A. Hamilton


7363 Sergeant J. McDade

1st Orkney Volunteer Artillery

182 Corporal J. Irvine


184 Gunner J. Irvine


217 Gunner M. Work

1st Renfrew & Dumbarton Volunteer Artillery

588 Sergeant-Farrier D. Cameron,


582 Corporal J. Latta


621 Gunner P. Leckie


613 Gunner A. Murray

The Forth Division Royal Engineers Volunteers

Major F. Grant Ogilvie

The Queen’s Rifle Volunteer Brigade

11,427 Sergeant C. Brown


8554 Sergeant H. N. M. Campbell


5520 Sergeant R. Irvine


5594 Corporal J. McDonald


6430 Sergeant A. Meikle


5559 Sergeant J. C. Smith


10,071 Private J. S. Williamson


5537 Private J. Williamson

4th V. B. Royal Scots

Captain T. E. Turnbull

6th V. B. Royal Scots

1316 Sergeant A. Watt

7th V. B. Royal Scots

342 Sergeant W. Grant

8th V. B. Royal Scots

Major C. Chalmers


704 Corporal W. Bald


675 Lance-Sergeant T. Bishop


2499 Corporal D. Bowie


705 Colour-Sergeant C. Campbell

1st V. B. Royal Scots Fusiliers

1520 Private R. Craig


424 Private A. Gilmour


1786 Sergeant A. Lamb


634 Private A. Savage


435 Sergeant W. Stevenson


1725 Corporal A. Stewart


638 Sergeant A. Bruce

2nd V. B. Royal Scots Fusiliers

550 Colour-Sergeant F. Crawford


593 Sergeant H. Peebles


635 Bugler J. McBride

Galloway Volunteer Rifle Corps

Captain & Hon. Major, J. Dunn


643 Sergeant J. Carruthers


637 Private J. Crozier


523 Lance-Sergeant G. Dargavel


543 Corporal J. Murchie

2nd V. B. King’s Own Scottish Borderers

315 Corporal G. Burns


1140 Private J. Craw


325 Corporal W. Greig


843 Corporal R. M. Hume


309 Private W. Hume


594 Sergeant J. Purves


888 Sergeant G. Shearlaw


306 Sergeant R. Winter


973 Corporal J. Wood

3rd V. B. King’s Own Scottish Borderers

Captain W. J. Millar

1st Lanarkshire Volunteer Rifle Corps

6546 Corporal W. Nelson

3rd  Lanarkshire Volunteer Rifle Corps

4866 Colour-Sergeant W. T. Murray

9th  Lanarkshire Volunteer Rifle Corps

2522 Private R. Cullen


2774 Sergeant J. Dewson


3843 Sergeant W. Kelly


3488 Corporal A. Prentice

2nd V. B. Scottish Rifles

2633 Corporal T. H. Bell


2015 Sergeant A. Freebairn


1902 Colour-Sergeant J. Horn


6086 Private R. Moffat


2004 Sergeant A. McGregor


2016 Sergeant T. Maxwell


2054 Sergeant H. Ritchie

4th  V. B. Scottish Rifles

3340 Corporal G. Ferguson


4181 Private A. Mackie


3391 Private P. M. Cleish


4993 Private J. Paterson


5562 Private J. Todd

1st V. B. Highland Light Infantry

7002 Corporal J. Rae

2nd  V. B. Highland Light Infantry

4728 Arm.-Sgt. J. Grosart


8179 Private J. Nimmons


3193 Corporal J. Yule

3rd   V. B. Highland Light Infantry

5353 Private J. Lindsay


2056 Private J. Williamson

5th   V. B. Highland Light Infantry

4054 Sergeant G. Curdie


4097 Private G. Hunter


6281 Private G. Kay


4052 Qr.-Mr. Sergt. A. Rose

1st V. B. Royal Highlanders

5838 Private J. Carson


5050 Colour-Sergeant G. Crighton


4993 Private J. Edward


5075 Sergeant-Bugler G. Johnston


3749 Private W. Lamb

2nd V. B. Royal Highlanders

1173 Private W. Black


117 Sergeant W. Duncan


913 Sergeant G. L. Stewart

4th  V. B. Royal Highlanders

4 Private D. Banks

6th  V. B. Royal Highlanders

2082 Sergeant J. Beattie


1879 Private J. Swan


350 Private W. White

1st V. B. Seaforth Highlanders

102 Private D. Arthur


1079 Sergeant A. Beaton


4032 Private G. Ross


4580 Sergeant J. Sutherland

1st Sutherland Volunteer Rifle Corps

791 Lance-Sergeant M. Fraser


759 Bugler A. Mackay


2247 Corporal J. Munro

1st V. B. Cameron Highlanders

Captain & Hon. Major, J. Douglas


Captain C. Livingston


440 Private J. Burton


456 Colour-Sergeant W. Davidson


253 Lance-Sergeant D. P. Fraser


662 Sergeant A. Lennox


403 Private A. Mackenzie


429 Colour-Sergeant L. Mackintosh


110 Sergeant W. L. G. Stuart


526 Private D. Wright

4th V. B. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

2145 Lance-Corporal G. Henry


544 Sergeant R. Liddle


2560 Corporal J. M. Mitchell


551 Sergeant J. Paton


589 Sergeant-Bugler G. Ritchie

1st Dumbartonshire Volunteer Rifle Corps

3119 Sergeant W. Smith


4133 Sergeant D. Blair


485 Corporal J. Forsyth

Bearer Company, Glasgow Volunteer Infantry Brigade

4238 Sergeant-Major J. A. Melven

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