Midlothian Constabulary - Coronation Medals 1937

The senior officers of the Lothians & Peebles County Constabularies in 1921.

The following is a transcription of a Midlothian Constabulary General Order dated 15 May 1937 and issued by the Chief Constable, Sholto W. Douglas, CBE, DSO.

“Chief Constable’s Office

County Buildings



15 May 1937


General Order


Coronation Medal.


         H.M. The King has been graciously pleased to command that the Medal issued to commemorate Their Majesties’ Coronation should be granted to a certain number of members of every Police Force in the country in the following lines:-


         (a)   To each member of the Force of the rank of Superintendent and upwards.


         (b)    One medal for every forty members of the Force below the rank of Superintendent, with an additional medal for any balance over a multiple of forty men. In accordance with this allocation, the  following members of this Force will receive the Coronation Medal.


         Major S.W. Douglas, C.B.E, D.S.O., Chief Constable

         Superintendent W. P. Chambers, Deputy Chief Constable

         Superintendent William Noble.

         Inspector James Brown.

         Sergeant James Dick.

         P.C. William Smail.


These Medals will be the personal property of the recipients and will be worn in the order and in accordance with the instructions issued with them.



                                                               (Sd) S.W. Douglas, Major.

                                                                                 Chief constable.

The informationwas extracted from


 [1] Midlothian Constabulary General Order Book, Ratho Police Station, 15 May 1937, Page 80.

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