Edinburgh City Police - Officers who served in WW1 - (B)   *An asterisk denotes that this officer began his police service with Leith Burgh Police or in that part of Midlothian Constabulary that became part of Edinburgh City Police after 2 November, 1920. 

This section is under construction and new names will be added when time permits.   Please visit the site again for updates.  

PC 200 A Alexander Balfour in 1922
PC 282 B George Alexander Balfour in 1922
PC 122 A David Shepherd Bayne in 1922
PC 399 C Walter H Beale in 1922
PC 213 A William Begg in 1922
PC 665 B George Bland in 1922
PC 390 C Albert Brodie in 1922
PC 402 C Walter Brotherstone in 1922
PC 404 C William Brotherstone in 1922
PS 38 A William Brotherstone in 1928
PS 44 A Colin Fraser Brown in 1922
PC 298 B George Brown in 1922
PC 279 B William John Brown in 1922
PC 209 A John Bruce in 1922
PC 130 A Thomas Bunney in 1922

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