Stirling Burgh Police 1857 -1938

Stirling Burgh Police Circa 1901 (Inspector Frederick Jenkins is 5th from Left, CC Ferguson is on his right). The list below is taken from the Census of Scotland 1901 and it is likely they are in this picture.
First Name Last Name Rank Age Estimated Birth Year Birthplace
Thomas Ferguson Chief Constable 54 1847 Glasgow, Lanark. In 1871, he is shown as being born in Ireland. 
Frederick Jenkins Inspector of Police 28 1873 England
William Clark Constable 22 1879 Blairgowrie, Perth
Angus Sutherland Constable 25 1876 Wick, Caithness
Robert Simpson Constable 19 1882 Armadale, Linlithgow
James Fairley Constable 22 1879 Hutchesontown, Lanark
William Yule Constable 28 1873 Kincardine, Perth
David Greenhill Constable 29 1872 Abernethy, Perthshire
Peter Young Constable 26 1875 Aberdeenshire
William Marnock Constable 20 1881 Tannadice, Forfar
Robert Lindsay Constable 52 1849 Kinfauns, Perth
John Watson Constable 24 1877 St Ninians, Stirling
James Cattanach Constable 52 1849 Kingussie, Inverness
Wilson McLean Constable 22 1879 Lanarkshire
William Bean Constable 25 1876 King Edward, Aberdeenshire
Leslie Smith Constable 24 1877 Aberdeenshire
George Gilmour Constable 26 1875 Balthayock, Perth
Alexander Legge Constable 36 1865 Mortlach, Banff
Angus Sutherland Constable 25 1876 Wick, Caithness

Chief Constable Thomas Ferguson


Chief Constable Thomas Ferguson may have been born in Ireland.


In the Belfast News-Letter of 14 December 1847, a Birth Notice stated "On 11th inst at Upper Arthur Street, the Lady of Dr Ferguson, of a son."


He was possibly a PC in Glasgow in 1871, born in Ireland but same wife and children.


Superintendent of Police in at Stirling living at 37 Broad Street in 1881and  Superintendent of Police living at 24 Upper Bridge Street, Stirling in 1891.


"Ferguson, Thomas, sometime residing at Rowallan Cottage, Blairlogie, Stirling, latterly at Craigbank, Causewayhead, there, Ex-Chief Constable of Stirling, died 14 October, 1918, ar Craigbank aforesaid testate..." He is buried in the Ballengeich Cemetery, Stirling.


PC James Cattanach​


PC James Cattanach joined West Riding Constabulary in Yorkshire as a PC on 21 December 1872. Previous occupation, Shepherd. 5' 8.5" tall, brown eyes, black hair with a dark complexion. Previous address, Chapel Park, Kingussie.


He resigned from WRC on 1 March 1876.


He was a PC Living at 90 Main Street, St Ninians, Stirling in 1891.


James Cattanach died in Stirling on 11 May, 1917. His usual address, 30 Bow Street, Stirling. 



Sergeant Frederick Jenkins Stirling Burgh Police

Stirling Burgh Police 1857-1938

The picture above shows Stirling Burgh Police sometime around 1901 since the Census of that year shows Frederick Jenkins as a ‘Police Inspector’ living at 3 Broad Street, Stirling.


The pictures below show Frederick Jenkins as a Police Sergeant and three other unknown officers of the same force.


The Superintendent is almost certainly from Stirling Burgh Police since the image was found in a collection of photographs of officers from the force.


The pictures of the Sergeant and possible Acting Sergeant clearly show an earlier force kepi badge of a plain Victorian Crown. They also clearly illustrate that the force used the common collar number in a frame with the letters ‘SBP’ before changing to standard collar numbers later.


The kepi badge and sleeve badge shown further down both clearly show the wolf on the rock taken from the Royal Burgh of Stirling coat of arms. The famous Castle of Stirling sits on the Castle Rock and people born in the old Royal Burgh call themselves “Sons of the Rock”.


The button has the same crest.


Sergeant Frederick Jenkins


Frederick Jenkins, the son of a Teacher of Music, James Jenkins, was born in Chorlton in Lancashire before the family moved back to Stirling between 1871 and 1881. The family lived at 3 Broad Street, Stirling.


Frederick’s brother John was a Constable in Lanarkshire Constabulary. His picture can be seen in the Lanarkshire Constabulary section of the website.


I am grateful to Frederick’s Grand-daughter, Freda for all of the photographs of Stirling Burgh Police, Lanarkshire Constabulary and Coatbridge Constabulary which she kindly allowed me to copy for the website.



Stirling Burgh Police - Inspector or Superintendent (Unknown) Victorian Crown Kepi Badge
Chief Constable Nichol in 1914 during the visit of HR King George v to Stirling. He is wearing the EVIIR Police Medal (Scotland) 1903, better known as 'The Visit to Scotland Medal'.
Stirling Burgh Police Sergeant (Unknown) Victorian Kepi Badge

Stirling Burgh Police 1857-1938


Unknown Sergeant


Note the unusual position of the three chevrons and Ambulance Qualification badge.


The collar badge (SBP 4) is also more usually worn with the arrow head pointing to the front.


This is clearly an early or mid-Victorian period photograph since the kepi badge is a plain Victorian Crown. Later Victorian Stirling Burgh Police badges can be seen below.

Stirling Burgh Police 1857-1938


Constable James Cattanach (See above) (Possibly Acting Sergeant?)


PC Cattanach can also be seen in the top image, 2nd from the left as looked at.


Note the small badge with the Victorian Crown above the two chevrons.  A Tudor Crowned version of this badge can be seen below.


The collar badge (SBP 11) is also more usually worn with the arrow head pointing to the front.


This is clearly a mid or late Victorian period photograph since the kepi badge is a plain Victorian Crown. Later Victorian Stirling Burgh Police badges can be seen below.

Stirling Burgh Police in May 1914. Inspector George Gilmour is seated extreme right, front row.
The key to the picture of Stirling Burgh Police above,
Inspector George Gilmour Stirling Burgh Police
Stirling Burgh Police Victorian Crown Kepi Badge
Stirling Burgh Police Sleeve Badge
Stirling Burgh Police whistle (early 1910 onwards?)
Stirling Burgh Police Tunic Button

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