PC 200B David Henderson - Edinburgh City Police

PC 200B David Henderson between 1912 - 1915. The 1911 medal was issued in 1912 and he enlisted in the Lovat Scouts in 1915.

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With the exception of the image immediately below, which was generously given to me by Katherine De-Jonckheere, author of 'The Memoirs of a Lovat Scout in World War 1: Sergeant Angus MacLennan', all the other images were kindly supplied to me by Annette Sinclair, grand-daughter of David Henderson.

The 24 Edinburgh City Police officers who joined the Lovat Scouts in June 1915. PC David Henderson is middle row, 2nd from right as looked at.

Edinburgh City Police and the Lovat Scouts


“The 3/2 Battalion of the Lovat Scouts contains a large number of Edinburgh policemen, all of whom, with the exception of Squadron Sergeant Major (SSM), Richardson, enlisted in a body, leaving the city on June 8th. SSM Richardson joined at the beginning of the war. Their names are as follows:


Back Row – Lance Corporal Shaw, (D Divn.), Lance Corporal Taylor, (D Divn.), Private Bruce, (D Divn.), Private Mackay, (B Divn.), Private Mackay, (D Divn.), Private Pattison, (D Divn.), Private Gibson, (D Divn.), Private Denholm, (D Divn.), Private Tait, (A Divn.), Lance sergeant Munro, (B Divn.).


Middle Row – Private Roy, (A Divn.), Lance Corporal McKenzie, (B Divn.), Lance Corporal Lumsden, (B Divn.), Corporal Hepburn, (D Divn.), Sergeant Stephen, (B Divn.), Squadron Sergeant Major Richardson, (D Divn.), Sergeant Mowat, (B Divn.), Sergeant McKenzie, (D Divn.), Lance Corporal Henderson, (B Divn.), Lance Corporal Sutherland, (A Divn.).


Front Row – Private Whelden, (D Divn.), Lance Corporal Hay, (B Divn.), Private Clark, (A Divn.), Lance Corporal Munnoch, (A Divn.),


All the men wearing Balmoral bonnets, with the exception of Lance corporals Shaw and Taylor, have proceeded overseas.”


Trooper 5603 David Henderson, 2/2 Lovat Scouts in 1915 - 1916 with his wife Annie, daughter Euphemie, (5) and son George, (3).
Trooper 5603 David Henderson of the Lovat Scouts.
Annie Henderson, wife of David, with daughter Euphemie, son George and baby daughter Davina born in July 1917.
Letter of sympathy from Chief Constable Ross of Edinburgh City Police to Mrs Annie Henderson, wife of the late PC David Henderson.
David Henderson's original Grave Marker in 1917.

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