Superintendent Andrew M Mitchell - Dunfermline City Police

Superintend Andrew M Mitchell in 1942

1914-15 Star

British War Medal

Victory Medal

The Defence Medal

The Coronation Medal 1953

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Dunfermline City Police

Fife Constabulary


Superintendent Andrew Mitchell Mitchell


Andrew Mitchell was born at Colton of Pittencrieff Farm, Dunfermline on 26 March, 1896. His father, Ebenezer Mitchell, a Flesher worked for his brother-in-law, John Marshall, the owner of the farm. Andrew Mitchell’s mother was Janet Marshall or Mitchell.


There is no middle name on Andrew Mitchell’s birth certificate.


The family were still living at Colton of Pittencrieff in the Census of 1901 when Ebenezer’s occupation is ‘Butcher’.


By the Census of 1911, the family were living at 48 Golfdrum Street in Dunfermline. Ebenezer was still a Butcher, he and Janet had been married 18 years, had six live births together, all six children of whom were still alive at the date of the Census.


Andrew was 15 and working as a Butcher.


On 8 August, 1914, according to his Personnel Record in Dunfermline City Police, Andrew Mitchell Mitchell was appointed as a ‘Temporary Additional Constable’ for the duration of the First World War. However, on 21 May, 1915, he was “Granted leave of absence to join the Army for the duration of the War.” The entry is signed by “George Bruce, Chief Constable”.


From his Army record, he enlisted the same day in the Army Service Corps (later to become the Royal Army Service Corps) as Private No. S4/094863 with the trade of Butcher.


He was posted to France arriving on 16 December, 1915. He later served in the Royal Engineers and the Labour Corps in France.


According to the record of Special Constables appointed to Dunfermline City Police on 10 May, 1915, “Ebenezer Mitchell, a Labourer (in H.M. Dockyard, Rosyth) 47 and 5’ 9”” of 48 Golfdrum street, Dunfermline” was issued with “1 baton, 1 whistle and chain, 1 armband and 1 copy of instructions” for which he signed his name in the register.


Andrew M Mitchell was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Labour Corps on 16 April, 1918.


An entry in his Police Personnel Record dated 21 December 1918, states: “While still serving in the (?) Army and having attained the rank of Lieutenant, he resigned his appointment as a Temporary Additional Constable.” This entry is also signed by “George Bruce, Chief Constable”.


Andrew Mitchell’s Medal Index Card (MIC) confirms his entitlement to the 1914-15 Star, British War Medal (BWM) and Victory Medal (VM). The 1914-15 Star is confirmed in Medal Roll RASC/5B4/3594 with the correct service number but the rank is shown as Sergeant. His entitlement to the BWM and VM are confirmed in Medal Roll Labour Corps Off/225/194 where his rank for both medals is 2nd Lieutenant.


The next entry on his Police Personnel Record dated 20 January, 1920 states: “Appointed to Permanent Force on this date. Service as a Temporary Constable to count as of 8 August, 1914 (Signed) George Bruce, Chief Constable.”


According to his MIC, Andrew Mitchell applied for his medals on 12 September, 1921 when his address was '115 Chalmers Street, Dunfermline, Fife'.


On page 10 of 'A Pictorial History of Fife Constabulary' (Published in 1999 by Fife Constabulary to celebrate the amalgamation of the three previous forces in 1949) is a picture showing the Dunfermline City Police in 1911. The box below shows a direct quote from the booklet:



“Dunfermline City Police C. 1911. With the extension of the Burgh boundary that year, Which included H.M. Dockyard, Rosyth, 2 Constables were added to the strength of the Force making a total of 1 Chief Constable, 1 Inspector, 2 Sergeants, 2 Acting Sergeants and 17 Constables.


The latter were increased by another 7 officers with the commencement of hostilities in 1914. Three Temporary Constables were recruited to the Regular Force for the period of the war and 350 Special Constables were also enrolled to assist the Regulars.


Twelve Dunfermline men served in the Army, and one in the Navy, with their jobs left open for them to return after the war ended.


All of those on active service subsequently returned to duty with the exception of PC Thomas Lothian who was killed in action in 1917.”




So far, I have not found his complete police career history but know from the newspaper cutting above that around 1942, Andrew M Mitchell was promoted to Lieutenant and Deputy Chief Constable after John Ritchie Inch became Chief Constable of Dunfermline City Police that year.

In 1949, Dunfermline City Police and Kirkcaldy Burgh Police amalgamated with Fife County Police to become Fife Constabulary.


I have also confirmed, courtesy of Police Scotland and Fife Council Archives that Superintendent Andrew M Mitchell retired on Pension from Fife Constabulary on 26 March, 1956.


I am grateful to the staff of Fife Council Archives and Police Scotland for their assistance in researching Andrew Mitchell’s police career.

Superintendent Andrew M. Mitchell's Medals
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