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Pocket Book cover
Police Officer's Clothing Patch
Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Belt clasp
Warrant Card Holder?

Lothian & Borders Police Warrant Card Holder (Or, is it?)


I have been told by a reliable source that Warrant Card holders of this type (see above and below) may have been used by the CID in the 1990s. Indeed, I saw a very similar version presented to Ian Rankin (of Rebus fame) at an ‘A’ Division reunion in York Place a couple of years ago.


However, I also know of a couple of gents in England who bought a load similar to these from the makers Jeeves and used to regularly punt them out on Ebay until fairly recently!


You ‘pays your money and makes your choice!’

Warrant Card Holder (?)
Aides-memoire Folder

Lothian & Borders Police Warrant Aides-memoire Folder


The Aides-memoire Folder contained a lot of really helpful information to assist the patrolling officer.


There are pages covering Sudden Deaths, Reporting and Investigating Crime, and Procedures for Major Incidents as well as the Divisional Radio Call-signs and Descriptive Sheets for Bicycles! It is interesting to compare the modern L & B bicycle sheet with that for Edinburgh City Police from the 1970s.


For obvious reasons, I have chosen only to publish the more innocuous aides-memoire.

Cycle Classification Page 1
Cycle Classification Page 2
Fire Report Page 1
Fire Report Page 2
Sudden Death - Flow Chart Decision Matrix
Sudden Death 2
Vehicle Accident Recording Report 1
Vehicle Accident Recording Report 2

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