Edinburgh City Police Buildings

Edinburgh City Police, formed in 1805 and existing until amalgamation in 1975 had police stations and assorted buildings all over the city.


The following images are just a selection of the buildings in use throughout that period.


I have also included former County of Edinburgh (Midlothian Constabulary) police stations as they are also now within the City Boundary.


The Pleasance Police Station, now the Deaconess Hospital since 1934: Formerly the then 'C' Division HQ

The Deaconess Hospital, formerly 'C' Division HQ before the building of Braid Place.

Southside Police Station, aka, 'Braid Place' & 'C' DHQ and from 1933, 'A' DHQ

The former 'C' & from 1933, 'A' Division Headquarters at Causewayside at the junction with Schiennes House Place. Universally known by its former name 'Braid Place' and/or 'The Southside'.
The City Coat of Arms on the wall above the former Braid Place opposite the old Fire Station.

The former A Division Unit Beat Policing station at Mayfield in 2018

The former A Division Mayfield Police Station in 2018

UPDATE: January, 2019: The former station has now been demolished.

The former A Division Mayfield Police Station in 2018
The former A Division Mayfield Police Station in 2018

The former B Division Abbeyhill Police Station

The former Abbeyhill Police Station in 2016.
A group of Abbeyhill officers early 20th century. Inspector in the middle flanked by two 'Station House Keepers' (Station Sergeants) wearing kepis and a Section Sergeant to the left wearing a beat duty helmet.
The former Abbeyhill Police Station in 2016. The view is towards the junction with Easter Road.

Portobello Police Station

Built as Town Council offices in 1878, doubled up as the Midlothian Constabulary police station until 1896 when the Burgh of Portobello became part of Edinburgh.

Hawthornevale Police Station, Newhaven

The former Hawthornvale, (Newhaven) Leith Burgh Police Station .

The former 'E' Division Traffic Garage at Market Street shortly before its demolition (in 2011).

The former Traffic (E Division) Garage in Market Street (looking towards the castle - Waverley Station is on the right).

The former Midlothian Constabulary police station at Davidsons Mains in 2011

The former Midlothian Constabulary Police Station at Davidson's Mains in 2011 (side view).
The former Police Station is now a quite famous chip shop (in 2011).

The former Granton Police Station in 2011

The former Granton Road Police Station in 2011.

The former Victorian Granton Police Station in Wardie Place in 2011

The former Midlothian Constabulary Granton Police Station in Wardie Place, 2011.

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