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Medal Research Service


What I can do for you

My background is in the Edinburgh City Police and the Metropolitan Police.


I specialise in the research and documentation of the lives of the recipients of the King Edward VII Police (Scotland) Medal 1903 and the King George V Coronation (Scottish Police) Medal 1911.


You can see the potential detail to be found by clicking on the Biographies section.


I have carried out successful research projects for collectors in the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.


The research will go as far as possible and will include the subject's birth, any census records up to and including 1911, their marriage or marriages, birth of any children through to the subject's death. I always try to get an image of the person too. This is not always possible.


Where possible, images of police personnel records are included. Where that is not possible, a transcription of whatever material is available will be included in the display pack.


If some cases, photographs of buildings that the recipient may have lived in will be included.


The records do not, of course, jump out and hand themselves to me so sometimes many hours of pains-taking searching is necessary. Other times, the process can be very simple and quick.


Before I take on a research job I make an honest assessment of what is likely to be found and how much it will cost. I then agree that cost with the person requesting the research.


If more information means that more documents are available, I contact you to agree a price before I continue. 


Please feel free to ask any questions using enquiries@scottishpolicemedals.co.uk 


Thank you.


Gerard McEwan


E-mail: enquiries@scottishpolicemedals.co.uk


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