Edinburgh City Police - King's Police & Fire Services Medal for Gallantry - PC 24D Robert Douglas Carrie

PC Robert Douglas Carrie, KPFSM for Gallantry

PC Robert Douglas Carrie KPM


Robert Douglas Carrie was born on 30 April 1890 in Elmwood Terrace, Lochend, Leith. 


He was a Warehouseman when he joined Leith Burgh Police (LBP), on 12 October 1914. His Edinburgh collar numbers were 683 E and 554E and finally, 24D. One would have been in use from 1920 - 1933 and the other number from then on. His collar number in the above picture is 554E.


Robert joined the Army on 7 June 1917 “in terms of Scottish Office Circular dated 16 May 1917”. Like many others in Edinburgh City and Leith Burgh Police, he was posted to the Household Battalion and later transferred to 1st Battalion Scots Guards, serving in France and Belgium where he was wounded. He resumed duty with Leith Burgh Police on 10 April 1919. The medals he can be seen wearing in the picture above are the British War Medal and the Victory Medal.


On 2 November 1920, he transferred from LBP to Edinburgh City Police with “6 years and 20 days Police and Army Service counting towards pension.”


The Weekly Record of 28 February 1928 records that PC Robert Carrie had been “Commended for courageous conduct in stopping a runaway horse in The Shore, Leith on 8 February 1928.”


The Weekly Record of 13 May 1928 records that PC Carrie had been “Commended for vigilance and alertness shewn in effecting the arrest of a thief.”


‘The Scotsman’ of Monday 7 October 1940, under the heading, “LEITH BLACK-OUT ACCIDENTS”,  reported that:


“During the black-out at the weekend there were two accidents at Leith Docks, one of which was fatal. Late at night the sound of a splash was heard at the east end of the Edinburgh Dock, but nothing could be seen. Grappling operations were started and the body of a soldier, Private Henry Hunter was recovered from the water. The other accident occurred at the East Old Dock. An engineer, Hugh McMillan, (28), residing at 14 Annfield, Newhaven, was walking along the quayside when in the darkness, he fell into the water. Constable Robert Carrie heard cries for help  and running to the scene, dived into the water and supported McMillan until assistance arrived.  Both men were got out of the water, and McMillan was taken to Leith Hospital but after receiving treatment, was allowed home.”


The Weekly Record of 15 October 1940 records that PC Carrie had been "Very highly commended for courageous conduct in rescuing a man from drowning in Leith Docks at night.”


The Scotsman’ of Wednesday 1 January 1941, under the heading, “KING’S POLICE AND FIRE SERVICES MEDAL”,  reported that the following men had been awarded the KPM:


“For Gallantry:-

Robert Douglas Carrie, Constable, Edinburgh City Police Force.


For distinguished service:-

Alexander Aitken, Superintendent, Lanarkshire Constabulary.

Malcolm MacCulloch, Superintendent, Glasgow City Police Force.”


The above entry was repeated in the Weekly Record of 1 January 1941.


The End of the Story

PC 24D Robert Carrie retired on pension on 1 April 1946.


When he died on 2 May 1954, he was 64, a ‘Police Constable (Retired)’ and living in Lochend in Leith.


Douglas George Carrie

Douglas George Carrie, Robert's nephew, joined ECP on 1 April 1936 as a Boy Clerk, (No.8),  and resigned on 28 March 1938.


The next day, 29 March 1938, he was appointed as a Police Constable in ECP, collar number 71HQ.


On 5 October 1941, PC 80B Douglas Carrie's "Resignation for Service in H M Forces " was announced. On 22 January 1946, PC 80B Douglas Carrie's "Release from H M forces to resume Police duties" was announced. 


I am grateful to Robert's Grandson Derek for the image at Buckingham Palace and for the detailed family information and also for his kindness in allowing me to take images of the medals and assorted family documents relating to the award of the KPFSM for Gallantry. Thank you.



If you have any other pictures of PC Carrie, please get in touch via enquiries@scottishpolicemedals.co.uk Thank you.


Medals, (L - R), King's Police & Fire Services Medal for Gallantry, British War Medal, Victory Medal.
KPFSM for Gallantry named to PC Robert Carrie Edinburgh City Police, BWM & VM named to Trooper 3162 R Carrie Household Battalion
ECP Report on circumstances of Rescue by PS 52D William Law dated 7 October 1940, page 1.
ECP Report on circumstances of Rescue by PS 52D William Law dated 7 October 1940, page 2.
Letter of Congratulations from William Merrilees, Detective Superintendent and fellow 'Leither' to Robert, dated 15 October 1940 after his High Commendation published in the ECP Weekly Record.
Letter of congratulations from Chief Constable William B R Morren dated 1 January 1941.
Letter of congratulations to Robert Carrie from Detective Superintendent William Merrilees.
Robert Carrie's notification of his award of the KPFS Medal for Gallantry from the Scottish Home Department date 16 January 1941.
Robert Carrie's Invitation to his Investiture at Buckingham Palace on Saturday 1 March 1941.
Draft of Robert Carrie's letter to St James' Palace requesting tickets for the Investiture for his wife Mary and son Robert.
Mary Carrie's ticket to the Investure 1 March 1941.
Robert Douglas Carrie's son Robert's ticket to the Investiture, 1 March 1941.
Citation read out at the Investiture of Robert Carrie at Buckingham Palace on 1 March 1941.
Mary Carrie, Robert Douglas Carrie, and their son Robert, outside Buckingham Palace after the Investiture on 1 March 1941
PC Robert Dougls Carrie's Certificate of Service on his retirement from ECP on 1 April 1946. His conduct was 'Exemplary'.

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