Lanark County Constabulary 1857 - 1975

Lanarkshire Constabulary Circa 1903 - PC 170 John Jenkins is seated on the Inspector's right.

John Jenkins was born in Chorlton near Manchester and moved with his father to Stirling around 1881. He joined Lanarkshire Constabulary and served in Bothwell.

He was a very keen photographer and took almost all of the photographs below.

His brother Frederick was an Inspector in Stirling Burgh Police and he can be seen by clicking here.

John died in 1905 in the Golden Lion Hotel, King Street, Stirling. His cause of death was recorded as “Strychnine Poisoning”. That might be worth some further research in the future?

Frederick’s Grand-daughter, Freda has very kindly allowed me to copy her uncle’s work and I am indebted to her.

Lanark County Constabulary Victorian Kepi Badge

Lanark County Constabulary Victorian Kepi Badge
Lanarkshire Constabulary PC 241 Circa 1903-1905
Lanarkshire Constabulary Tug o' War Team Circa 1900
Lanarkshire Constabulary Circa 1903
Lanarkshire Constabulary Circa 1903 (Possibly Bothwell?)
Lanarkshire Constabulary Circa 1903 (Picture taken by PC John Jenkins - See next picture)
Lanarkshire Constabulary Circa 1903 (PC John Jenkins lying on ground wearing Inspector's Kepi?)
Lanarkshire Constabulary PC 240 Circa 1903 (He can also be seen above and in the Tug o' War Team below)
Lanarkshire Constabulary Tug o' War Team Circa 1900

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