Fife County Police/Fife Constabulary 1840 - 1949/1849 - 2013

Fife Constabulary group late Victorian period. Note Superintendent's cap badge, see below.
Senior officer's cap badge.
Page 6 of a 'Pictorial History of Fife Constabulary' published in 1997. As well as the Superintendent's badge, note that the PCs kepi badge is an 'FC' Scroll and seems to be worn on the collar and the epaulettes.
Unknown Fife Constabulary Superintendent wearing the senior officer's kepi badge shown above.
PC of Fife Constabulary wearing a wreath style helmet plate with the 'Thane of Fife' centre. Unknown whether this predates the kepi which appears to have been in use from late 1890s until the adoption of the cap in early 1900s.
This picture taken in 1913 shows Fife Constabulary officers wearing the 'Thane of Fife' cap badges. They also have the scroll 'FC' on their collars beside their numbers and and on their epaulettes.
Slightly larger image of picture above.

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